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Industrial worker with time concernsAs a planning convenience for our customers, we provide an estimate of the training time employees may take to complete a course.

Training time is important

Your greatest cost savings come from using our online training courses to effectively train your workers in less time. Therefore we try to be as accurate as possible in estimating typical completion time.

Estimated training time

If a product web page shows "Estimated Training Time", then a range of numbers representing the expected range that the average training time should fall within for any given customer. The estimated average is our prediction based on course content, design elements, and considering the actual time experienced in our own product testing with a small number of learners.

Some learners, particularly experienced workers with existing knowledge in a course area, will complete a course in a short period of time. They may move through the course quickly because the customer has enabled the pretest option for the course and some workers have "tested out" of one or more topics. In other cases experienced workers may have used the "skip lesson" feature and proven their mastery of the material by jumping right to the quiz for that topic. Still in other cases, the customer may have enabled the "Express" option for the course which moves all workers through the course about 10% to 15% faster than when Express mode is disabled (the default state).

Your experience may differ

Every work force is different. We can not provide information about the age, education, or experience level of the group of learners whose records were analyzed. Your workers may take more or less time. However these numbers are offered to provide as much assistance as possible for your use in planning.

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